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Sunday Liturgy
   Mass is every
Sunday at 5 pm
at St Paul in the
Desert; click for map.

Marriage Equality
   The Supreme Court has held that GLBTs have a Constitutional right to marry; to read from the heart of its decision, click here.

Pastoral Pope
   He urges more
pastoral Church
re GLBTs, citing
Pope John XXIII: "See everything;
turn blind eye to
much; correct a
little." See to right for Pope Francis quotes.

Tax Records
   To deduct your contributions, click here to read IRS rules (pp 17-20) & here for a recently-revised summary.


   This anointing is held at Mass 1st Sundays in odd-numbered months.

Announcements    Click to read.

KOA Fund
   Ten percent each Sunday goes to the KOA Fund (formerly AIDS Fund) to help members in need, regardless of cause.

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     DIGNITY PALM SPRINGS is an independent lay organization that is seeking to reform the Catholic Church, as well as reform society in general.

We seek reforms mainly on issues regarding the sexuality of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ) persons. We minister to their spiritual (and other) needs as well.

We are an affiliate of Dignity/USA, a nationwide organization with scores of local chapters and thousands of members. Several chapters are in California, four in southern California. Click for a nationwide chapter map and for a nationwide list, both of which are equipped with links to chapter websites.

Our neighboring chapter (Dignity/LA) has the unique distinction of being the founding chapter of Dignity/USA.  In 1969, a group of Catholics began to meet to discuss GLBTQ issues and to celebrate Mass. We took a statement of the then only recently completed Second Vatican Council (quote is in the box at the right) as our inspiration in the choice of a name for our organization. In only a very few years, the organization had developed into the high-profile nationwide advocate for all GLBTQ persons that Dignity is today.

During most of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II (1978-2005), Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) was the enforcer of orthodox doctrine. Ironically, however, he had years earlier vigorously defended (see quote in the box to the right) the primacy of conscience, even in the face of the contrary demands of the Pope or any other church authority.

We urge you to get to know Dignity/Palm Springs better. We invite you (and bring a friend, if you can) to attend a regular chapter liturgy any Sunday at 5 pm and the fellowship (i.e. a social) that follows the liturgy. Click on "Map" in the banner at the top of any page of this website for a map to locate the liturgy, which is equipped with a zoom-in/out feature.

In the meantime, please do explore further on this website to learn more About Us. Things that are underlined (in the text of any page of this website or in either of the two rows found just below the banner at the top of each page of this website) links to still more information, on this website (or elsewhere): so just click on the link to go there.

We echo a saintly Philadelphia pastor who posted this welcome on the parish website:

  "Come into this house and bring all you are. No need to check your failures at the door. There are no perfect people here. You are invited, so come. Come in seeking, come in wandering, come in hurting. Come into this house of companionship and compassion.

  "Come in. You are welcome here."

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